Please be advised that as of January 1, 2020 the procedure for obtaining a burning permit has changed. To obtain a burning permit please follow the steps below.

1. Pay your permit fee:

Before you can apply for a burning permit you first must pay the permit fee. At the end of the online payment process you will be issued a confirmation number that you will need in order to apply for your burn permit.

Click HERE to pay your permit fee and get your confirmation number.

2. Apply for your permit:

Click HERE to apply for a burn permit. Make sure you have your payment confirmation number ready to enter. It is important to note that your phone number will be used as a reference to your burn permit and once you create an account on the system you can use it every year to renew online. A new account is not required every season.

3. Activate your permit on days you wish to burn:

If you have a valid permit, call 1-855-956-2722 to activate your permit on the day you wish to burn.